What is the difference has Covid 19 made to death, dying and bereavement support? We discuss the importance of hearing the voices of a person with experience.

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This session includes:

   - Covid related death and dying.

   - Working with Trauma.

   - Running grief groups online including


   - The importance of measurement - how to use data

     in Bereavement support.

Grief and grief support during Covid-19

The presentation includes an overview of:

   - Covid-19 bereavement

   - Working with traumatic memories

   - Running grief support groups online

   - Evaluating bereavement support

Presented by Dr Erin Hope Thompson, Clinical Psychologist from The Loss Foundation on 2 December 2020.

Voices of lived experience

When looking at your service it is essential to include the voice of a person with experience.

Things you may wish to reflect on are:

   - How will you use the voices to influence?

   - Commissioning and outcomes?

   - How will you measure the impact?

   - How will those voices of lived experience?

   - Influence the quality improvement?

Presented by Lesley Goodburn, delivered on 16 February 2021

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