Patient safety is a key domain of quality in hospice care. Quality indicators are useful to demonstrate safe and harm free care. 

What is the Patient Safety Project?


The Patient Safety Project enables clinical benchmarking within hospices across the UK. 

Benchmarking, as a component of quality management, offers a continuous process by which an organisation can measure and compare its outcomes over time with peer organisations. The findings can be used to inform management decision making.

The hospice inpatient Patient Safety Project collects three core patient safety metrics and two patient activity metrics:

  • Falls
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Medication incidents
  • Bed occupancy
  • Throughput

See our Patient Safety metric definitions below (these were revised on 04 May 2022 following feedback from hospices in the Community of Practice).

Patient Safety Metric Definitions

Read 'Clinical Benchmarking for Hospice Care Metrics, Categories and Definitions 2020/2021'

How does the project work?


Following a submission deadline, Hospice UK issues a suite of reports. These enable a hospice to compare their data to similar size hospices, and to the entire sector. The reports include submissions and benchmarking for previous years.

The project runs on an annual cycle commencing in April. Reports are published quarterly. 

Important dates for 2022/23: 

Quarter Months Submission deadline Final reports circulated
Q1 Apr, May, Jun 14 July 2022 28 July 2022
Q2 Jul, Aug, Sep 14 Oct 2022 27 Oct 2022
Q3 Oct, Nov, Dec 12 Jan 2023 29 Jan 2023
Q4 Jan, Feb, Mar 14 Apr 2023 28 April 2023

How to submit data


Submission is straightforward. Hospices are sent a unique set of links to secure online forms where the data can be submitted. The systems and processes surrounding the submission and reports are fully automated, so the timing and accuracy of hospice submissions is vital.

Each hospice is responsible for their data submission. Hospice UK treats an individual hospices' data with strict confidence.

Submission links are sent via email, or you can request a copy of the submission links.

How to join: Patient Safety project & network


Please join the Patient Safety project. We already have over 120 inpatient units submitting data to Hospice UK, but would ideally like to capture data from all UK hospices.

By joining our Patient Safety benchmarking network you’ll be able to discuss the patient safety measures and ideas on how to improve patient safety, including access to our forum within HospiceIQ.

Additional voluntary data submission


We are pleased to have issued a Deep Dive Falls Audit tool to our Network, developed by Martin Powell, Director of Patient Services at Royal Trinity Hospice. This is completely separate to your routine reporting and is a voluntary submission of extra data for any hospice wishing to engage further. 

By submitting your data to this extra project, you will help us to see if it reveals practical interventions that might be useful in hospices.

Webinar resources


We will email you invites to future webinars.