The PCOM360 tool helps palliative care services analyse and display Patient Centred Outcome Measures (PCOMs). 

What is PCOM360?


Free to all

PCOM360 is a freely available tool that streamlines analysing and displaying Patient Centred Outcome Measures (PCOMs) in palliative care services. The resources are pragmatic, easy to use and help you monitor and potentially adapt your service to improve palliative care for everyone.

PCOM360 was built by Social Finance and Wolfson Palliative Care Research Unit and published in March 2023.

The tool is accessible to all and comes with three additional resources to help build and design a version suited to your own service and needs. These are open source resources with a Creative Commons license.

Adapt the tool for your needs

Download your own version of the PCOM360 and make adjustments for your desired objectives. We recommend you review all the resources before adjusting them for your own needs and make sure you protect any personal data you may input.


Download the tool and resources


Have a look at the dynamic Power BI Tool that shows all the views of the dashboard and example infographics:


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