Taking place from 8-14 May 2023, Dying Matters Awareness Week is an opportunity for people to talk about death, dying and grief.

On this page you'll find resources for corporate partners to get involved.

Dying Matters at Work


As we’ll be focusing on Dying Matters at Work this year, it's an opportunity for your organisation, as a corporate partner of Hospice UK, to demonstrate to your employees and other organisations the importance of building an open, compassionate culture to support staff through grief, caring responsibilities, or a life-limiting illness.

How you and your organisation can get involved


There are plenty of easy and engaging ways in which you and your organisation, as a partner of Hospice UK, can get involved in this year's Dying Matters at Work campaign:

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    Downloadable resources

    We've created some handy assets and resources that your organisation can use to get involved with Dying Matters Awareness Week, and help spread the importance of creating compassionate workplaces. 

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