This Award recognises the importance of innovation in collaborative partnerships between hospices and other services to reach more people and to deliver better outcomes for people at the end of life.

Who can enter


~ Hospices who have established or led partnerships with other services, including hospitals, care homes, domiciliary care services and primary care services.

~ Hospices who have initiated partnerships with hospitals that are having a positive impact on people's experiences and outcomes at the end of life.

Suggested information to include in your entry


How original was the innovation?

~ Does the project demonstrate a creative approach to seeking out new partnerships?

~ Was the project part of a wider strategic or system-wide objective?

What was the impact of the innovation?

~ Has the project shown measurable impact in terms of reaching more people and delivering better outcomes for people at the end of life?

~ Can the project show cost savings to the health & care system and to the hospice?

~ Has the project led to long-term sustainable change?

~ Has the project improved the skill and competence of non-hospice services to better care for people at the end of life?

Applicability / replicability

~ Has the project identified learning for others that can be or has been shared?