The Hospice UK Awards celebrate the innovative work taking place in hospices and palliative care organisations across the UK, and the people involved with them.

The 2023 Hospice UK Awards were announced at this year's National Conference, 6-8 November 2023.

About the Hospice UK Awards


The Hospice UK Awards are a much anticipated part of the National Conference. They are your opportunity to recognise and celebrate the hard work that has been done during the past 12 months and the lasting impact it will have. 

The Awards are made in a number of areas. We are looking for stand out individuals that will inspire other hospices and palliative care organisations, and show the wider sector the difference they’ve made to people and their families facing the end of life. 

Through our Volunteer Awards, we also recognise the special contribution to hospice care made by especially dedicated individuals.

Why enter?


Entering the Hospice UK awards is your chance to champion the work you and the end of life care and palliative care sector do.

If you have worked with someone whose contribution, dedication and passion for high quality care has gone above and beyond, inspired you, or improved the way you and your team work, then let us know and nominate them for our 2024 awards! 

Entries for the 2024 Hospice UK Awards will open in June 2024. The deadline for submitting entries and nominations is typically in September each year.

Keep this page bookmarked for announcements about our 2024 awards.

Hospice UK Award Categories


Explore the award categories, below - including what the judges were looking for.

Winners of the 2023 Hospice UK Awards were announced at the National Conference, 6-8 November 2023.

*The Winners of the Innovation in Income Generation Award were announced at the Fundraising Leaders Conference, 13 June 2023.

The National Garden Scheme is the largest funder of our work. They have donated more than £6.5million in support of hospice care since 1996.

The Hospice UK Awards are kindly supported by the National Garden Scheme.