This Award recognises the achievements of a specific hospice team working together to improve outcomes and deliver exceptional results.

Suggested information to include in your entry


~ What makes this team outstanding? 

~ What has the team delivered?

~ Why have they been successful?

~ How has this team delivered a positive impact? 

~ What difference has the team made?

Mountbatten Community Team won the Towergate Hospice Team of the Year Award in 2021

Winners - 2021

Mountbatten Community Team underwent huge transformation in an already difficult year.

Over the past 18 months, the team was completely restructured to provide a specialist hospice at home, domiciliary care nursing service for people in their last years and at end of life.

This is a great example of transformational change, resulting in increase efficiency and a huge positive impact on the community it serves. This has been achieved by working differently and more efficiently as a team, using a range of different skill mixes and experiences, rather than by increasing the staff numbers or budget.

The changes made at Mountbatten could help other hospices address the demand for more community led nursing services.