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How do you get started? It's easy to get involved!

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Our step-by-step guide

  1. Click here to sign up, or if you're on a mobile device, click on this link:
  2. Enter all your details; it will take less than 5 minutes!
  3. Follow the links to create a fundraising page through Virgin Money Giving. Don't forget to select Hospice UK as your charity!
  4. Let us know if you'd like a collecting tin or any other materials to promote your fundraising.
  5. Tell your friends! Encourage them to sign up, or get them to sponsor you.
  6. Download the Dry January app - for iOS devices, or Android.
  7. Follow Hospice UK on social media for news, updates and information throughout Dry January - we're on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
Good luck!

Need some fundraising inspiration? How about...

  • Offered a drink? Stick with a soft one and ask that person to make a donation instead.
  • Designated driver? Ask your friends for a tip in return for the lift home!
  • Anyone for mocktails? Host your own mocktail party for your friends and family.

Going dry can be tough! Your month off the booze will help us ensure that hospice care is available for everyone who needs it. Focus on the cause to keep you strong!

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