“Like many people, I had no real awareness of the vital role that hospices play in our local communities until suddenly someone that I loved was in need of one.”
Laura, playing with her grandfather Trevor Hall as a child
Wakefield Hospice
In February 2015 Laura's grandfather, Trevor, was admitted to Wakefield Hospice. He passed away peacefully there three weeks later, just a few days after celebrating his 87th birthday.

Laura said, "I could not be more thankful for the care and compassion shown by the hospice during those weeks.” 

“My grandfather was really anxious about going into a hospice. However, the team at Wakefield were so upbeat, reassuring and compassionate with him, they soon allayed his fears. They made it feel more like a period of respite for him and my grandma, rather than as a place to go to die. He was happy and settled there..”

“We were so relieved when they gave him the syringe driver to help manage his pain – something that he had really been suffering with at home.” 

“Crucially, they helped preserve his dignity – something that we were struggling to do when managing his illness at home. They went to great lengths to ensure that he was always well-presented, even in the last few hours of his life. For a man who wore a shirt and tie almost every day, this meant a lot to him, as it did to us.” 
“I will never forget the simple, everyday kindness and empathy shown to us. It’s difficult to put into words how much a blanket, a cup of tea and a reassuring smile can mean to you at two o’clock in the morning when you’re sat in the dark watching over a loved one. Or a tray of sandwiches thoughtfully brought in and left on the side for you, when you haven’t had chance to have breakfast, lunch or dinner that day.”  

“It was a difficult time, but there were still happy moments. We were able to celebrate his 87th birthday with him – with a cake and balloons and even presents. That was the last day he was conscious, so it meant a great deal to us to have that final day with him on such a special occasion.” 

“They showed the same amount of compassion and attentiveness in the last few hours of his life as they did when my grandfather was first brought in. When he did pass away, staff were so kind and patient – they let us spend as long as we needed with him, and gave us the space and time to say a proper goodbye.” 
“It is a beautiful place which has managed to have a very positive and significant impact on our lives, as a family, in spite of everything. Helping the hospice through fundraising has allowed us to do something beneficial for others in his memory and to channel our grief into something positive... he would have greatly approved!“

What does hospice care mean to you?