How we're opening up hospice care

Hospice UK is leading the way in ensuring hospices across the UK get the support they need to increase their services, and care for more people.

We provide a national voice for the hospice and palliative care movement, raise awareness of the importance of hospices in end of life care and raise vital funds to help them improve an increase their range of services.

How Hospice UK is opening up hospice care

  • Our grants programme provides direct financial support to hospices. We've supported bereavement care programmes, rehabilitation for hospice patients, and research into new models of palliative and end of life care, among many other things
  • We're leading the campaign for the government to fund the NHS pay award for UK hospices, and the recent NHS pension contribution increase. This could have a cost to the hospice movement of £60 million a year if hospices have to fund it themselves
  • Through Project ECHO, hospices are sharing their expertise in end of life care to ensure people being supported by care homes, hospitals or their GP practice receive the best support possible
  • More than 20,000 people use our Hospice Finder every year to find the support they need locally
  • Our 'What's Next' resources help patients and carers understand what to look for, and to manage, in the last days of someone's life.
  • The Open Up Hospice Care, Hospice Care Week and Dying Matters campaigns play an essential role in raising the profile of hospice and palliative care, and widen the conversation about death, dying and bereavement

Without Hospice UK, more than 200 hospices across the UK would be less able to provide the help, care and support their patients need, let alone open up hospice care even more widely.

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