Why we need to open up hospice care

Hospices across the UK already do so much to support more than 200,000 patients every year. But the number of people they'll need to care in the future will grow.

With a growing population, and people living longer lives, Hospice UK knows that not only will more people need expert, compassionate end of life care, they will also need support for longer.

With your help the hospice movement can be there for everyone, whoever and wherever they are, for as long as they need us.

Watch this video to see how hospice care touches everyone

Hospice care has come a long way since the visionary work of Dame Cicely Saunders and the foundation of the modern hospice movement in 1967. These are just some of the services hospices across the UK are providing to those who need their care:

  • Hospice at home - ensuring care is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Respite hospice care
  • Complementary therapies
  • Social Horticultural therapy
  • Counselling and education for families and carers
  • Bereavement support
  • Helplines
  • Working with all communities across their area to raise awareness and understand their needs
  • Partnerships with care homes, GP practices, hospitals, and paramedic services

All of this in addition to the inpatient services you may know about already. 

But we know that with growing demand and resources already stretched within the NHS, hospices will need to take on an even greater role.

We want to open up hospice care so that people can spend their final days in the place they choose - whether that's in a hospice, hospital, or at home, and get the very best expert care, wherever they are.

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To open up hospice care, and support more than 200 hospices across the UK, we need your support. Your donation will make a massive difference in our supporting our aim, that everyone who needs hospice care, gets hospice care.


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