The National Gardens Scheme

The National Gardens Scheme is the largest funder of Hospice UK's work, donating £500,000 in 2017, meaning that over a phenomenal £4.5 million has been given in support of hospice care since 1995. 

Every year, the National Gardens Scheme (NGS) welcomes thousands of visitors to their open gardens across England and Wales.

Most gardens are privately owned and open just a few times each year, while others open as part of a group with the whole community involved. The gardens, which each charge a small donation for entry, give the money raised to the NGS who donate the funds to a small group of beneficiaries, of which we are one. They have donated over £25 million to charity in the last 10 years.

How the NGS supports hospice care

NGS donations have funded vital projects such as the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care, the outcomes of which are helping hospices prepare to meet the needs, challenges and opportunities facing the sector over the next 10 to 15 years.

They also support our National Care Support Team – a team of experts that provide national advice, support and expertise to hospices, and sponsor the annual Hospice UK awards which recognise hospice innovation and outstanding contribution to volunteering.

Visit a hospice garden with the NGS

Visit one of the hospice gardens open each year for the NGS
There are 10 hospice gardens open this year in support of the National Garden Scheme. Find your nearest hospice garden, with dates and opening times.
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Visit a garden

Visit the NGS website to find your nearest open gardens
There are around 3,700 breathtaking private gardens opening for the National Garden Scheme– take a look to find yourself a fantastic day out.
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90th Anniversary Weekend

NGS Anniversary Weekend
The NGS 90th Anniversary weekend, 27-29 May, will see over 370 gardens opening for a weekend of horticultural delight.
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Garden Visitors' Handbook

NGS Garden Visitors Handbook
The Garden Visitor’s Handbook is the essential guide to the thousands of gardens that are opening for the National Garden Scheme in 2017.
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Book an event with the NGS
Visit one of our beautiful ticketed garden events organised by the National Garden Scheme, or buy tickets for the NGS annual lecture.
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