Commission into the Future of Hospice Care

Hospice UK initiated the Commission into the Future of Hospice Care to help hospices look ahead, anticipate, and meet the changing and growing needs of the communities they serve.

Dame Clare Tickell chaired the Commission

Through a wide range of resources and events, the Commission delivered practical help and advice to ensure hospices are equipped to provide the very best care to everybody who may need it in the future.

Areas of work

Supported by a panel of 17 commissioners, the Commission focused on eight key areas of work for hospices, which included:

  • the unique contribution of hospice care
  • the growing need for hospice care
  • the hospice workforce
  • funding opportunities for hospices
  • new partnerships for hospices to engage in
  • new models and approaches to care
  • education provided by hospices
  • research in and by hospices.

Continuing influence of the Commission

The Commission culminated in October 2013 but continues to be a landmark piece of work, providing hospices with practical and strategic help to overcome challenges that they face as the environment of care continues to change.

It has also been instrumental in guiding Hospice UK’s priorities over the next few years, and our business plan aims to build the capacity and capability of hospices to respond to the challenges that the Commission outlines. We want to ensure that hospices adapt and thrive in the future, and the Commission has steered the way for this.


All the resources developed throughout the Commission, including a series of reports covering a wide range of key issues for hospice care, can be downloaded from the Commission resources section.

‘Hospices will need to keep an unrelenting focus on the needs of all those who live with life-shortening illness, their families and their carers and be brave in response to those needs.’
(Commission into the Future of Hospice Care, 2013)

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