Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank

We have proudly worked in partnership with Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank since February 2008. In this time, they have raised a remarkable £6 million for hospice care and dedicated over 40,000 hours to volunteering.

Our partnership has national reach through Hospice UK combined with regional engagement through local hospices. The Bank's branches and centres are twinned with 79 hospices across the UK. This local relationship is key to our partnership’s success because by volunteering and fundraising, colleagues can support hospices in the communities where their live and work.

"Since launching our partnership on February 1, 2008 Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank employees have together helped to raise over £6m for Hospice care.  It is a cause which is very close to the hearts of many of our employees and, as such, the partnership is about more than just funds raised. The enthusiasm and generosity shown by our employees is matched only by the gratitude expressed by the hospices we work with.  It a pleasure to work with such an engaging and worthwhile cause."
Jacqui Atkinson, Partnerships Manager Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank

Did you know?

If you stretch the £6 million we've raised through the partnership over the last 10 years between Hospice UK and Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank in £1 coins, it would run for 135 kilometres (about 83 miles).

That's the same distance as walking between Clydebank and Dundee!

You have made a difference

Anne Odeyemi, a nurse at Haven House
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What's happening next?

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