Volunteering with your hospice

Clydesdale and Yorkshire bank employees have clocked up an incredible 40,000 hours in volunteering with activities such as marshalling at events, helping with outdoor and gardening projects, as well as providing support with activities for patients.

Liz Jamieson, a volunteer for CHAS, who works for Clydesdale Bank

Liz Jamieson

Liz is the Business Operations Manager for IT Services in Clydebank. She has been volunteering to support the partnership for a number of years, and is supporting CHAS (Children's Hospices Across Scotland) in particular.

What does the partnership mean to you?

The Hospice UK partnership enables our fundraising to help people from all walks of life and all ages. The CHAS charity (Children’s Hospice Across Scotland) is close to my heart and I have been volunteering for CHAS in the activity team in Robin House for over 2 years.

I am very proud that the company I work for, match every penny that my extended team raise for Hospice UK. As I name CHAS as our beneficiary they get 50% of the matched funding, with 50% going to other Hospice UK funds.

We asked CHAS about the support Liz gives with her volunteering:

"Liz is a weekend volunteer, helping with both housekeeping and activities. Her support makes a world of difference to both children who are living with a life-limiting condition and their families. One activity that all CHAS kids can join in with is arts and crafts.

"CHAS always try and work out how each child can get the most out of arts and crafts, this may be from hand and footprint paintings to sensory messy play to full body painting. Paints and crafts can be a great therapeutic tool, allowing children to act out their feelings through this medium, and to relax. At the same time, it makes memories for the families to have and keep for ever."

Liz fundraises too! How have you found it?

Since running the Business Operations team I have organised events in line with some of the seasons and holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, Easter.  An annual event now is the Christmas Hampers, where I asked the staff to donate one item suitable for a hamper and then my team and I make the hampers, we raffle them for the IT Services staff. Staff brought in some fantastic luxury items, so the hampers were really great. My team and I were able to make themed hampers. The IT Services team are a fantastic bunch of people. Not only donating items, but then buying lots of tickets. We made 8 hampers each year. I feel it’s a real great team builder too. My immediate team had a Christmas Lunch session making the hampers. Lots of the staff were coming to see the hampers. IT Services is a large division, so it was good to meet new people.    
For Easter one year, the head of the department and his reports donated luxury items from the Hotel Chocolat shop and again we made a fabulous Easter Hamper which generated lots of sales and a few happy people who won the prizes.

Would you recommend organising raffles and hampers for the office?

I would definitely recommend fundraising, all of the hospices do a fantastic job. This is a little bit of fun in the office, and it helps so many people.

The fact that I can help CHAS is also bonus for me personally. My events include the whole division so I try to think of events and things that don’t take up too much business time to organise but have participation from the staff and a bit of fun on the day.

The Hampers generate a lot of ticket sales! As one staff member said to me, this is genius, we are winning back our own donations!! Everyone loves to look at the hampers and ‘pick’ the one they want before the draw!

What does hospice care mean to you?