Opening up hospice care

The support of Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank has enabled Hospice UK to launch an ambitious new strategy – to open up hospice care.

The Open Up Hospice Care campaign reached over 1.1 million people, with features on BBC Breakfast, Sky News, and in The Times and Huffington Post UK.

What we are doing

  • Tackling inequality in care; making sure that hospice care is available to everyone, no matter who they are, why they are ill, and whatever their background.
  • Care for Carers; supporting carers who play a critical role in looking after those at the end of life. We are working with the government and businesses, including Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, to strengthen rights and available support for carers in the workplace. 
  • Hospice care, everywhere; reaching more people who need support - in hospitals, care homes, and the homeless;
  • Empower hospices; we help hospices provide the very best care, by providing grants for new facilities and training for hospice staff. We also campaign nationally to get more support and a fairer deal for patients and their families in need.

Some of our new projects

What does hospice care mean to you?