You are almost there! We just need a little more information to complete your registration for this event...

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed.

Work information

Questions marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed.
The Banks' media team will promote this event to demonstrate the Banks' support for Hospice UK. A standard quote may be attributed to yourself about you taking part and included in a local press release to target local media where you live. The press release may include details such as your name, age, job title and place of work. Photography of yourself, either individually or grouped with colleagues who live locally, may also be sent to local media. The information and photography may also be communicated in internal communications and on social media. Are you happy to be involved in publicity for the event?

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have your People Leader's approval for either one and a half days' volunteering leave or annual leave to take part in this event. Have you obtained permission to take part in this event?

Emergency contact information

Medical information

It is important that the event provider, Classic Tours, is aware of any injury, health condition or complication which could compromise your ability to take part in the challenge or would be relevant in an accident or medical emergency. As such, it is important that you declare any of the conditions listed below:

  • Psychological or psychiatric illness, including eating disorders, deliberate self harm, overdoses, depression, anxiety, psychosis, alcoholism, drug dependency
  • Allergies, including nuts, penicillin, gluten, wasp/bee stings, shellfish, hay fever.

Also, if you:

  • are pregnant
  • take regular medication
  • have recently been admitted to hospital
  • have recently had or are awaiting an operation
  • are awaiting test results.
*Do you have any of the medical conditions or complications listed above?

*Do you have any objection to treatment, including blood transfusions and immunisations?

NB: Please note it is your obligation to inform Hospice UK of any changes to your health in the lead up to the challenge, so that Hospice UK can advise the event provider.

We will not share any health information with your employer.

Room share and travel

*This challenge will take place in Peebles. What is your intended method of travel?

NB: If you plan to make your own way to Peebles by car, please be aware that we cannot guarantee that the Banks will reimburse the cost of your petrol. You should discuss this with your People Leader.
NB: We will do our best to accommodate room share requests. If you don't state a preference or if we're unable to accommodate your request, you will be paired with a colleague of the same gender and of a similar age. For more information, email

Additional information

*Do you have any dietary requirements?

What does hospice care mean to you?