Patient safety

Patient safety is a key domain of quality in hospice care. Quality indicators are useful to demonstrate safe and harm free care.

We support the benchmarking of patient safety in hospice care

Falls, pressure ulcers and medication errors are three safety indicators that Hospice UK are collating data on, to support hospices across the UK to benchmark their practice. 

Currently, 102 hospices submit data on the numbers and levels of harm from these types of incidents on a monthly basis. The data is collated centrally and shared with individual hospices, giving them a national and hospice category average. Hospices can then use this data to benchmark their performance.  

Hospices are encouraged to be open with neighbouring hospices, through their regional groups where these exist, to share their data and learn from each other - identifying best practice and making continual improvements in the safety of patient care.

Email us if you would like further information about this national benchmarking.

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