How can we support and help you?

How can Hospice UK support you to be research and outcomes active?

Outcomes are crucial
  1. A community of practice for all interested in research and outcomes in any settings
    • Hospice IQ: interactive discussion board and resource forum on Hospice UK website  
    • Monthly newsletter of events, resources and discussion 
    • Research and Outcomes events 
    • Participation in your research events and support for regional groups and forums
    • Examples of research and outcomes case studies
    • Advocating and knowledge brokering on research and outcomes issues
    • Research Active Hospices Guidance (due Winter 2018)
  2. Research small grants programme – Hospice UK is a NIHR Non-Commercial Partner
  3. Support research carried out by or with others
  4. Research and Academic Affiliations and Collaborations

Further information

To find out more about outcomes and why hospices should be outcomes active, please contact:

Dr Sarah Russell, Head of Research
Heather Lovvorn, Clinical Administrator
Melanie Hodson, Information Specialist

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