Why join?

If you aren't there for your employees, they won't be there for you.

There are lots of good reasons to become a Compassionate Employer
  • 72% of the public believe that people in Britain are uncomfortable discussing death, dying and bereavement;
  • Nearly half a million people have given up work over the past 2 years as a result of caring responsibilities;
  • 56% would consider leaving their job if their employer did not provide the proper support if someone close to them died.

You can make a difference as a Compassionate Employer

Your employees will

  1. Know where to go for help
  2. Feel more supported
  3. Become comfortable talking about terminal illness, caring and bereavement
  4. Gain confidence and valuable skills

As an employer, you will

  1. Retain and recruit valued staff
  2. Build a loyal workforce
  3. Be known as a great place to work
  4. Lead the way as a compassionate employer

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