Innovation in Care

The Innovation in Care award recognises the work of an individual or team in a hospice or palliative care organisation who, through a novel approach, has improved the experience of people with a progressive and life threatening condition, their families and carers.

Innovation in Care 2019 winner

2019 Winner - Lindsey Lodge Hospice

In keeping with its rehabilitative approach to hospice care, last year Lindsey Lodge Hospice began transforming its daycare service into a wellbeing centre. This included supporting people with life-limiting conditions and their families to enjoy the many benefits of gardening.

The hospice successfully applied for a grant to fund its first polytunnel – which provides a microclimate of higher temperatures and humidity enabling fruit and vegetables to be grown even out of season.

A patient had earlier introduced the use of hydroponics - a method of growing plants without soil and using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent – which means there is no need for labour-intensive activities such as watering, or digging.

The polytunnel was designed to be accessible for everyone, including those who use a wheelchair or are unable to stand for long periods of time, enabling a range of patients and their families to cultivate plants and vegetables through conventional gardening and also using the hydroponics system.

The polytunnel has brought patients together, as well as sparking interest with families, staff and volunteers. Families visiting patients can enjoy some alternative ‘respite’ time. Also, the hospice’s bereavement support assistant has led sessions inside it which has helped with more open and honest discussions among people receiving this vital support.

What the judges said:

"This was work that was started with people with lived experience and is not staff-led or meeting a service development need or shortfall – so in our eyes a true innovation.  It focusses on wellbeing. It is not an expensive innovation and was relevant to all people accessing hospice and end of life care and their families."

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