Professor Max Watson

Professor Watson was formerly Medical Director of the Northern Ireland Hospice and is currently Visiting Professor at the University of Ulster, Honorary and Senior Lecturer at Queens University in Belfast. 
Professor Max Watson

He is also Visiting Professor, Virtual Academy at St Margaret’s Hospice in Taunton and Honorary Consultant at Princess Alice Hospice, Esher. 

He has authored and edited numerous books including the 'Oxford Handbook of Palliative Care' and the Palliative Adult Network Guidelines (PANG) and has taught and lectured extensively across the world. 

Professor Watson piloted the use of ECHO in Northern Ireland in 2014 through the hospice and has led and promoted the growth of ECHO networks in the UK and Europe from the Northern Ireland through the project’s ‘Superhub’  in Belfast. A superhub trains and supports other hubs using the ECHO model. 

He has championed of the use of ECHO technology in Northern Ireland as a means of ‘democratising medical knowledge’, improving the delivery of palliative care in rural areas and expanding its reach to more people who need this form of care. His role will play a pivotal part in delivering the key goals of Hospice UK’s new five-year strategy. He will help extend the reach of hospice care and also lead the development of skills and expertise of professionals in other care settings to support people at the end of life.  

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