Tiffany Barron Gutierrez

Tiffany Barron Gutierrez is a Dietetic Assistant Practitioner with Nightingale Hammerson. Her work focuses on identifying and treating malnutrition in older people particularly those of advancing ages and living with complex clinical conditions.
Tiffany Barron-Gutierrez

Tiffany has over ten years’ experience studying and working within food science and holds a BSc degree in Human Nutrition. She also has extensive training in dementia validation as an iCARER Facilitator.  

She is passionate about delivering food first interventions to support a healthy weight and provide optimal hydration care for a better quality of life.

She has nutritional and communication expertise in supporting people living with early and advancing stages of dementia and prides herself on improving standards, educating others on the importance of nutrition and working with a multifaceted team to provide holistic nutritional and hydration care.  


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