Good Governance Programme

Hospice UK's Good Governance Programme provides a range of resources and masterclasses to support Chairs, individual trustees and hospice boards as a whole.

What is governance?

Governance is an umbrella term for the systems, processes and types of behaviour that enable trustees to hold the organisation in trust, steer its work and optimise the benefit to current and future beneficiaries. The programme helps member hospices to improve their governance, ensuring they are fit for purpose and equipped to be leaders in providing high-quality palliative and end of life care.

What does the programme offer? 

Hospice Board Effectiveness Review

In partnership with the Centre for Charity Effectiveness at Cass Business School, City University, London (Cass CCE), we are offering a Board Effectiveness Review for member hospices.

The Hospice Board Effectiveness Review offers a choice of three options – standard, enhanced, and refresher. There is also a tailored version for charities supporting NHS hospices. To find out more and discuss which options might be most appropriate for your needs, please contact us.

Publications and resources

We offer a range of resources and publications to support hospices with their governance. Our latest publication is "Peering over the Precipice: a toolkit for hospices to survive and thrive".

Our resources also include a series of eight Good practice guides covering:

  • Hospice board recruitment and selection
  • Appraisal of boards and trustees
  • Effective board meetings in your hospice
  • Developing a dashboard for your hospice
  • Developing a balanced scorecard for your hospice
  • Board reports that add value to your hospice
  • Board involvement in hospice strategy and planning
  • Quality governance for your hospice


A series of interactive masterclasses for hospice Chairs, individual trustees and hospice boards exploring contemporary thinking and developments in governance practice. These masterclasses are only open to our members.

Hospice trustees – what you need to know

Latest masterclass sessions:

Leicester - 4 July 2018

We are planning an additional event in September, date and venue to be announced.

A one-day masterclass to develop trustees’ understanding and awareness of the role and responsibilities in running an effective hospice. The masterclass is designed for new trustees, as well as those new to the hospice world. It also serves as a useful refresher for more experienced trustees who want to ensure their knowledge and understanding is still up to date.

The masterclass will be intensive yet informal with many opportunities for participation and interaction.

A copy of the draft programme for this event is available to download.

You can also arrange for this masterclass to take place at your own hospice for your own trustees. For more information, contact Jean Hindmarch.

Investing in the relationship between the hospice Chair and chief executive

A one-day masterclass which will create a safe and positive space in which to explore what helps achieve an effective Chair/chief executive relationship and how this adds value to the hospice as a whole.

For more information, and to register interest, please email

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