The Sustainability Champion Award recognises the work of an individual in a hospice or palliative care organisation, who has pushed the environmental agenda, and instigated positive, tangible change in their workplace. 

The winner has been announced at the Hospice UK National Conference.

CEO of St Wilfrid's Hospice, Lois Howell, collects the Sustainability Champion award on behalf of Mark Robins

Winner - 2023

Mark Robins, St Wilfrid’s Hospice Chichester

Mark is the definition of a Sustainability Champion and we are delighted to recognise his achievements through this award. Mark’s drive and initiative has quantifiably reduced the environmental impact of St Wilfrid’s Hospice. 

(Pictured: CEO, Lois Howell, collects the award on Mark's behalf)


Thanks to Mark, general waste is sent to generate electricity and heat, achieving a 100% diversion from landfill. Card and paper are turned into new paper sheets, food waste is broken down into biogas and bio-fertiliser, and used cooking oil is converted to biodiesel. 

The Awards Panel added, “Mark has not only got the whole hospice behind him, but he’s also selected and engaged external suppliers who share his values. Congratulations Mark!”

About this award


Is your colleague a passionate advocate for the planet? Have they driven a new idea or initiative that’s reducing the environmental impact of your organisation? Have they inspired an organisation-wide change in behaviour, or got your Board or Management acting on this issue? 

We want to hear about colleagues who have:

  • Promoted and implemented sustainable practices in their organisation
  • Delivered demonstrable impact and results 
  • Showed innovation to address environmental challenges
  • Collaborated positively with people inside and outside their organisation
  • Inspired you through their leadership and commitment to go above and beyond

What the judges were looking for


What have they achieved?

  • In what areas have they made a positive difference?
  • Can this difference be quantified or measured?

How have they achieved this? 

  • Who did they have to engage and how did they do it? 
  • How did they inspire colleagues and other stakeholders, and bring them on the journey?
  • Did they take an innovative approach?