Hospice UK runs campaigns to develop a better public and professional understanding of the value and importance of hospice care. We work to influence policy so that everyone living with a terminal or life-limiting condition has access to the highest quality care.

What does hospice care mean to you - Hospice Care Week

Our campaigning

National advocacy

We are campaigning for hospice care at a national level in partnership with other national end of life care charities to persuade the Government to prioritise end of life care within their policy development.

Local advocacy

We are campaigning for hospice care at a local level by providing hospices with a range of resources to support their advocacy activities.

Hospice Care Week

Hospice Care Week is an annual week of activity to help raise the profile of hospice care across the UK. Each year we hold a week of celebration and action which helps to change people's perceptions of hospice care.

Further information

For more information about our campaigns, please email our policy and advocacy team.

What does hospice care mean to you?