This award recognises the importance of innovation in income generation.

What the judges are looking for


We look for applications that have demonstrated innovative practice in income generation and which have raised significant income to support the work of a hospice or palliative care organisation.

Who can apply


Applications can come from a range of projects such as:

  • Fundraising
  • Lotteries
  • Retail
  • Social enterprise activity.

Suggested information to include in your entry


How original was the innovation?

  • Was it a new concept or a variation of an existing idea?
  • Was it developed independently or in cooperation with others?

What was the impact of the innovation?

  • How profitable was the project?
  • How far has it created a new long term source of income?
  • How far has it created increased public awareness of hospice and palliative care?


  • Can this innovation be applied to other hospice and palliative care organisations?
LOROS won the 2021 Innovation in Income Generation Award at the Hospice UK Awards

Winners - 2021

Loros’ commercial approach to finding sustainable income for the hospice really stood out for the judges.

As the whole sector looks to find new ways to generate income, Loros’ catering project identified the expertise and assets the hospice had at its disposal, before turning them into something that not only raised income, and increased awareness within their local community - introducing a mobile drinks van, a cafe business, external catering and tenders.

The panel particularly liked the mobile drinks van concept, that was used to overcome lockdown restrictions in retail and hospitality during the pandemic. The Loros’ business development team showed short term versatility as well as long term vision, building a future pipeline of sustainable investment and funding.

With voluntary income harder to come by, commercialising what hospices have to offer as a sector is something we should all consider.