As the conference title suggests, the programme will be bold and dynamic – focusing on the themes of evolution and revolution – and offer very practical ideas and solutions that you can take back and implement in your own organisation.

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'Revolutionary' sessions

Dying for change? Your opportunity to be at the forefront of the revolution.

We’ve known for many years that revolutionary change is needed in the way society approaches death and dying, and that we need radically new ways of meeting the challenge to provide effective, meaningful and compassionate care at scale.

We also know that genuinely revolutionary change is difficult to achieve amidst the daily pressures and constraints of maintaining and extending our services.

We’re inviting conference delegates to join us in dedicated, highly participative workshops on 20 November to explore how a ‘prototyping’ approach to designing new services can help us to manage risk while unlocking new ideas and creativity.

In these workshops we’ll learn about prototyping and work with colleagues to plan small-scale practical prototypes to take forward at your workplace. You’ll then be able to join a ‘community of imagination’ in which participants produce radical and safe prototypes and learn from one another. Together we will be developing the insights and interventions that create radical solutions for the future.

These sessions aren’t for the fainthearted! You’ll need to come with open minds, ready and willing to participate fully - during and after conference.

At this stage, we’re inviting you to register interest in the revolutionary workshops more details of which will be available in July. In the meantime, you can register for the conference, of which the workshops are an integral part.

There is no extra charge to participate in the workshops but you must register for conference on 20 November in order to attend.

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