Wednesday 28 November 2018

7.45am onwards
Registration and exhibition opens
7.45 - 8.35
Breakfast event

Using ECHO to establish new networks and communities of practice. Your questions answered #AllTeachAllLearn  - Members of the ECHO team and hospice Hubs from across the UK 

8.45 - 9.50
Hospice UK AGM followed by plenary session 3: Leading in challenging times 
Vicky Browning, Chief Executive, ACEVO  
Break to move rooms
10.00 - 11.15
Parallel sessions 5:

5.1  Palliative care for people experiencing homelessness - Dr Caroline Shulman, General Practitioner in Homeless and Inclusion Health; Dr Briony Hudson, Researcher, UCL Department of Psychiatry; Niamh Brophy, Palliative Care Coordinator, St Mungo’s     
Chair and contributor Caroline Bernard, Head of Policy and Communications, Homeless Link

5.2 Bereavement care for the 21st century - Alison Penny, Director of the Childhood Bereavement Network; Dr Marilyn Relf, Chair, National Bereavement Alliance; Rev Dr Andrew Goodhead, Spiritual Care Lead, St Christopher’s; Bianca Neumann-May, Psychologist, St Nicholas Hospice Care  

5.3 What legacy are you leaving your hospice? - Meg Abdy, Project development and social research, Legacy Foresight; Chris Millward, Director of Consultancy, Legacy Voice 

5.4 Working together to meet the workforce challenge  - Jonathan Ellis, Director of Advocacy and Change and the Head of Learning and Workforce, Hospice UK; Joy Milliken, Clinical Director, St Margaret’s Hospice Care; Kate Heaps, Chief Executive, Greenwich and Bexley Community Hospice    
Chair and Contributor: Carole Walford, Chief Clinical Officer, Hospice UK        

5.5 Conference papers: Switching focus: finding new ways to support palliative care patients (4 abstracts selected via the Call for Papers) 

  • Supportive care in cirrhosis: how an MDT can improve care for patients with advanced liver disease - Dr Suzanne Ford-Dunn, Consultant Palliative Medicine, St Barnabas House, Worthing
  • A retrospective audit looking at the management of diabetic patients in their last days of life - Dr Jennifer Creed, Core Medical Trainee, Royal United Hospital, Bath 
  • Searching for the Holy Grail? Exercise and nutritional rehabilitation (ENeRgy) in patients with cancer - Dr Charlie Hall, Medical Research Fellow, St Columba’s Hospice
  • Virtual reality distraction therapy in palliative care: a feasibility study - Dr Mark Mills, Speciality Doctor in Palliative Medicine, Marie Curie Hospice, Liverpool

11.15 - 12.00
Refreshments, exhibition and poster viewing

12.00 - 13.15
Parallel sessions 6:

6.1 As seen on TV: What we learnt from taking part in a television documentary series - 
Cheri Strudwick, Head of Marketing and Communications, Dr Russ Hargreaves, Head of Wellbeing and Angela Cooke, Head of Quality and Clinical Governance, ellenor
Chair and contributor: 
Claire Cardy, Chief Executive, ellenor   

6.2  Caring for LGBT people - Dallas Pounds, Chief Executive, Royal Trinity Hospice; Dr Kimberly Acquaviva, Professor, The George Washington University School of Nursing; Dr Katherine Bristowe, Principal Investigator, ACCESSCare, King’s College London; Claude Chidiac, Lecturer, St Francis Hospice

6.3  Reflections on families and caring in the 21st centuryProfessor Gunn Grande, Professor of Palliative Care, The University of Manchester; Dr Jenny Strachan, Chief Psychologist, St Columba’s Hospice

6.4 Lessons learnt - Liz Searle, Chief Executive, Keech Hospice; Claire Periton, Chief Executive, Helen and Douglas House;

6.5  Conference papers: Care settings and service design (4 abstracts selected via the Call for Papers)

  • Community volunteering in adult hospices: analysis of the extent, benefits and barriers - Dr Ros Scott, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Dundee
  • A re-design of day therapy services: from social groups to ‘specialist care’ and back again - Emily Stowe, Day Therapy Manager, St Clare Hospice
  • How do hospices facilitate social support? - Natasha Bradley, PhD Candidate, University of Liverpool 
  • HOLISTIC: Hospice-Led Innovations Study to Improve Care - Jonathan Ellis, Director of Advocacy and Change, Hospice UK 
13.15 - 14.15
Lunch, exhibition and poster viewing
Drinks reception for Hospice trustees
14.15 - 15.15
Parallel sessions 7:

7.1  Diversity in governance: what can it do for your hospice and how to achieve it - Kai Adams, Head of Charities & Social Enterprise, Green Park; Geoff Pringle, Chair, Hospiscare Exeter

7.2  Dementia: The role of hospices in bridging the gap - Michael Verde, Founder and President of Memory Bridge: The Foundation for Alzheimer’s and Cultural Memory; Liz Bryan, Director of Education and Training, St Christopher’s

7.3 What do young people as a user, carer or visitor think of hospice care? How ‘risky’ are we prepared to be to meet their needs? - Antonia Dixey, Chief Executive, The Participation People

7.4 Hard earned, easily lost: Your hospice’s reputation and how to manage it - 
Kenny Steele, Chief Executive, Highland Hospice; Debbie Raven, Chief Executive, Thames Hospice; Sue Wixley, Director of Communications and Campaigns, Hospice UK
Chair and contributor: 
Eamonn O’Neal, Chief Executive, St Ann’s Hospice 

7.5  Conference papers: Engaging patients and the wider public  (3 abstracts selected via the Call for Papers) 

  • Patient and Public Involvement (PPI): contributions to palliative care research - Dr Clare Gardiner, Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
  • End of life care and decision making: public knowledge, needs and preference in Wales - Dr Ishrat Islam, Research Associate, Cardiff University  
  • Lights, camera, action: the story behind the scenes of ‘The Hospice’ - Cheri Strudwick, Head of Marketing and Communications, ellenor     
Break to move rooms
15.20 - 16.10
Plenary session 4

Dr Kathryn Mannix, Author and Campaigner; retired palliative physician

Conference closes

What does hospice care mean to you?