Andy Lowndes

Andy Lowndes, a former psychiatric nurse and a recently retired academic from Glasgow Caledonian University, is one of the founders and Deputy Chair of the music and dementia charity, Playlist for Life.
Andy Lowndes

Growing international research shows such music can have almost magical results: people who cannot speak start to sing, people who cannot walk start to dance, people who have not connected with a loved one in months or years begin to smile and laugh and make eye contact.

As the ‘Music Detective,’ Andy works with the family to review the life story of the person with dementia, reminiscing and remembering significant songs and pieces of music, and discovering more about that person, who they are, what they like and dislike, the activities and people that are important to them.

Gradually a Starter Playlist of personal music is prepared and downloaded to an iPod or other .mp3 player, to be tried out with the person with dementia.

Twitter: @AndyDetective

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