We publish a wealth of publications to support hospice and palliative care providers, covering a wide range of topics.

Publications are listed in order of the date they were published (with the most recent first), but they are also listed by category, or can be found using the keyword search facility.

  • Guidance for bereavement needs assessment in palliative care (2nd ed)
    The aim of this publication is to support the assessment of need for bereavement care in adults’ palliative care services. It presents an assessment matrix and provides detailed guidance on the organisational aspects of bringing routine, systematic bereavement needs assessment procedures into everyday practice. Authors: Marilyn Relf, Linda Machin and Nikki Archer. (Published September 2010)
  • Hospice IT Survey 2008
    This report presents the findings of the second major study of the IT function within the hospice movement. (Published October 2008)
  • Hospice Accounts Report 2013
    Analysis of the accounts of UK independent voluntary hospices for the year ended 31 March 2012.
  • Hospice Accounts Report 2014
    Analysis of the accounts of UK independent voluntary hospices for the year ended 31 March 2013
  • International volunteering in palliative care - Tips to get you started
    This guidance aims to be relevant to health professionals considering a placement of between six weeks to six months (shorter-term placements) and those considering a longer-term placement of between one to two years. Authors: Michelle McGannan and Avril Jackson. (Published April 2010)
  • Quality matters - Quality projects that are making a difference in hospice and palliative care services
    This publication shares the experiences of hospices that have implemented successful quality projects and used quality improvement tools to assess and develop their services, develop staff and support patients and carers better. (Published 2006)
  • Collaboration toolkit for hospices
    A four-part toolkit designed to help hospices explore collaborations and thrive in a changing healthcare market. Author: Saffron Steer. (Published 2013)
  • Volunteer value - A pilot survey in UK hospices
    This report focuses on the added value provided by volunteers working in UK hospices. Findings are based on a survey sent out to all independent hospices in February 2006. Topics covered include: total volunteer value, fundraising volunteer value, care volunteer value, trustee volunteer value and where volunteers work. (Published July 2006)
  • Volunteer value - A toolkit for measuring the economic value of hospice volunteers
    Drawing on the experience of voluntary service managers, this practical resource gives a step-by-step guide to measuring the economic value of volunteers using the Volunteer Investment Value Audit. Author: Ros Scott (Published August 2007)
  • Volunteering vital to our Future - How to make the most of volunteering in hospice and palliative care
    Published with Together for Short Lives, this guide explores the role volunteers can play in enhancing and improving the care and support offered to people with palliative care needs, as well as their families and also provides a wealth of case studies, practical tools and templates to help review existing services or to develop new ones. Author: Ros Scott. (Published June 2014)

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