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My name is HaoTong and I'm representing the QiuZhuYe project. We wish to help with the global effect against the coronavirus by donating protection masks. We are aiming to donate 300 KN95 masks in total, which are equivalent to N95s. QiuZhuYe is a youth project in Beijing, China, aiming to protect historical stone carvings and to promote the traditional culture. We sincerely hope to support those who are more vulnerable or more exposed to the virus, those who need the help, along with spreading the Chinese traditional culture and etiquette.

Contact name: HaoTong Xiong 
Contact email / number: haotongxiong@gmail.com / 07387108871

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  • Masks
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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QiuZhuYe Flat 49, 51 prince Albert road, London,NW8 7LB

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