Find out how we can help you support your workforce with a range of networks, surveys and benchmarking, and our highly-valued webinar series on resilience.

Developing the hospice workforce

Workforce planning and development are vital for all hospices looking to meet the growing and changing demand for services in the future.

We understand the challenges involved with recruiting and retaining staff, and are developing the package of support we provide to our members around workforce development and HR. This page summarises some key elements of what we already have in place.

More details on what we do

Annual surveys and benchmarking


We have partnered with a number of organisations to ensure members can access a range of annual surveys or benchmarking services related to workforce and HR. This includes:

- The Birdsong Annual Hospice staff satisfaction survey gives hospices the opportunity to participate in a cost-effective way to seek staff (and volunteer) opinions about their jobs and workplace and benchmark it against other hospices who take part.

- People Count is the annual study for the not-for-profit sector run by Agenda Consulting. The study enables you to compare your key HR metrics with not-for-profit benchmark data and make solid evidence-based strategic decisions. Hospice UK members receive a discounted rate for taking part.

- The Croner Hospice rewards salary and benefits survey is no longer published. Croner now offer 'Salary Search', which can be used for salary benchmarking.

Read the results of our annual workforce survey