Our web and digital officer Nick Saunders Smith is a big foodie, but likes to add a twist to traditional food favourites: check out his gourmet beans on toast!

Beans on toast with a difference


  • Tin of baked beans
  • Four slices of bread
  • Handful of sliced chorizo 
  • Handful of halved cherry tomatoes
  • Rocket salad leaves
  • Cheddar cheese 
  • Olive oil
(serves two)


Heat the baked beans in a saucepan, and add the chorizo and the tomatoes to the pan, stir well to ensure the chorizo and tomatoes go evenly through the beans.

Place two or four slices of bread in a toaster. If you are able to, use fresh bread to make the dish even more enticing!

Put the toast onto the plate, then layer the baked beans over the top. Add the rocket leaves on top of the beans, again making sure of an even spread.

Take the cheddar cheese and grate over the dish, before finishing with a drizzle of olive oil.

A Taste of Home dinner party couldn't be simpler

  1. Plan your menu. From savoury to sweet, share and indulge in your favourites.
  2. Invite as many people as you can cater for. Invitations can be found in our fundraising pack.
  3. Share! Let everyone know what you're doing on social media (use the hashtag #TasteofHome)
  4. Ask your guests to donate whatever they can afford for their meal, to help more families get hospice care.
  5. Send in the money you've raised - there are lots of ways to do this.
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