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  • Hospice UK

    When Hospice UK and/or its wholly owned trading subsidiary, Help the Hospices (Trading) limited (together "HUK") collect information from individuals either online or manually this is likely to be personal data within the meaning of the Data Protection Act 2018 ("the DPA"), and HUK will be a data controller under the DPA. This policy deals with the rights of individuals in relation to personal data under the DPA as well as general approaches to, and standards of, safeguarding privacy adopted by HUK. To facilitate project ECHO, Hospice UK will be taking photographs; recording each ECHO session, and recording planning meetings. These photographs and recordings will be used as a resource, for future training and publicity. Hospice UK's privacy policy is published on the following webpage:

    Project ECHO

    Project ECHO has been developed and is owned by the Regents of the University of New Mexico (“UNM”), the rights to which have been assigned or licensed to the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center ("UNMHSC"). More about Project ECHO can be found on the following website:

    If you wish to participate in any way in the "ECHO" movement, some information which comes within the DPA definition of personal data is required by Project Echo in the United States. HUK and UNMHSC are working together to ensure there is an agreed framework to safeguard this personal data. At present, to ensure that the requirements of UK law are met, HUK requires your permission to transfer and store your data within the US before you can participate in an “ECHO” session or in any aspect of the ECHO movement.

    How will my data be used?

    Your data will be stored digitally within an application that tracks the growth, and activities, of the ECHO movement. The data from participants is then “aggregated” (i.e. anonymised, combined and measured in various ways for analysis) and used for reporting to funding and governmental entities, in public-facing mappings, visualisations, and directories of the movement, for research related to the movement, for data quality assurance activities, in communications and surveys related to the movement, and in decision-making related to new initiatives. UNMHSC will not use your data for any other purposes.

    Who, other than staff at Hospice UK, has access to my data?

    In order for the ECHO Project to report on the ECHO movement, access is granted to a restricted number of UNMHSC staff - the Director of IT, lead iECHO application developer, information security lead, quality assurance lead, data visualization lead, partner liaisons, Director of ECHO Replication, and other members of the ECHO Institute on an as-needed basis.

    Where will your data be stored?

    Your data will be securely stored within the UNMHSC's data centre. The data centre is regularly tested for its security, and the UNMHSC is working towards gaining HITRUST certification. Access to your data is strictly limited and password protected. Your data is encrypted whilst transferred to the UNMHSC's data centre.

    Accuracy, Access & Retention

    HUK will ensure that the data stored within the UNMHSC is accurate. Upon request, HUK can provide details of your stored personal data. The UNM has a published data retention policy and your personal data can be removed at your request, but this may take up to one month to be cleared from UNM backups.

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    Project ECHO's success relies on hardware, software and network support. We would like to capture details of your IT Support so we can send them an email with an overview of the IT requirements, and in case we need to contact them in the future.
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