Hospice UK Awards 2015

The Hospice UK Awards supported by The National Gardens Scheme, now in their fifth year, aim to recognise the significant contribution that both individuals and innovative programmes have made to hospice care in local communities across the UK.

Hospice UK Awards 2015—group shot of winners

We wish all of this year's winners many congratulations.

Innovation in Care

Earl Mountbatten Hospice

Partnership for the provision of End of Life Care for Children and Their Families within an Adult Hospice

Earl Mountbatten Hospice has traditionally delivered end of life care across the Isle of Wight for people aged 18 years and above for almost 35 years. There is no children's hospice, which has meant children who are dying and their families have either died at home, in the local hospital or have needed to travel to a children's hospice on the mainland.

This project responded to local need by developing individualised end of life care and support for children and young people, in partnership with the local NHS Healthcare Trust Children's Community Team, within the adult hospice.

The project gives increased choice to families facing the loss of a child – who can be cared for by NHS experts in children’s care, and at the same time access the special environment and expertise of the hospice team around the time of death and bereavement.

Innovation in Income Generation

Ashgate Hospicecare, Blythe House Hospice and Helen's Trust working collaboratively on the #ChallengeDerbyshire campaign

This nomination highlights the work of three charities based in North Derbyshire, including two hospices, Ashgate Hospicecare and Blythe House Hospice, plus another local charity called Helen's Trust.

Local people were keen to support each of the charities, and some individuals are actually supported by all three at different times, so #ChallengeDerbyshire was the solution. This fundraising venture allows dedicated supporters to undertake one challenge that supports each of the charities equally.

To date, the appeal has raised an incredible £20,851.07. There have also been a number of additional benefits to the partnership, such as increased awareness and profiles of all three charities and highlighting how the charities work together to provide care to the people of North Derbyshire.

Innovation in Volunteering

St Joseph’s Hospice, London

Empowered Living Team (ELT)

The Empowered Living Team offers an innovative model of using hospice volunteers. It combines rehabilitation and social action to support patients in their own homes.

The project was created when St Jospeph’s surveyed its local residents to identify why they were least active in accessing supportive services, despite being identified as having the highest need for palliative care services in London.

The survey identified that patients wanted access to more local services and prioritised provision of rehabilitation, physiotherapy, complementary therapy and patient/family social support.

As a result, St Joseph’s developed the ELT. They recruited and trained volunteers to visit patients at home and to provide the services they wanted, while increasing the profile of hospice services within Newham.

The ELT has helped support patients with a range of symptoms including: reduced mobility, breathlessness, fatigue, and anxiety. ELT volunteers visited patients at home once a week over an eight week period to help them better self-manage their symptoms and increase their motivation and confidence to participate in activities that were important to them.

At the end of the eight weeks, 78% of the patients taking part in the project had achieved their goals, improved their level of independence and were returning to doing everyday activities such as dressing themselves or going out to the shops alone. The scheme helped reduce hospital bed days by 62% for these patients and also unscheduled GP visits by 25%.

Volunteer Gardener of the Year 2015

Sarah Butcher, Treetops Hospice Care, Derbyshire
Head Volunteer Gardener, 11 years of service

Sarah has led the gardening volunteer team, known as the Garden Gang at Treetops Hospice Care in Derbyshire for 11 years, since the hospice cared for her husband Tony.

Her background as a florist served her well, and she is said to lead the Garden Gang with a ‘rod of iron and smile on her face’!

The team work twice a week every week of the year. In the early days Sarah ran a daffodil appeal, which means the hospice garden now plays host to 60,000 daffodils. She is currently creating wildlife and butterfly areas of the garden.

Sarah has worked with local corporations, on one occasion inviting 180 new apprentices from Rolls Royce to build a Rose Garden and install wooden walkways throughout the garden.

Volunteer of the Year 2015

Peggy Moss MBE, St Rocco’s Hospice, Warrington
Volunteer (fundraising), 34 years of service

Peggy has been a volunteer at St Rocco’s Hospice, Warrington since 1981 when it was founded.

During her 34 years of service, Peggy has been involved in numerous fundraising activities, including raising money for the new hospice building in 1999.  She set up the first hospice shop for St Rocco’s and established a relationship with Golden Square Shopping centre that have since supported the hospice in many ways.

Peggy was awarded an MBE in recognition of her extraordinary support of St Rocco’s Hospice.

Peggy will be stepping down from her volunteering role as of December 2015. Before she leaves, Peggy has organised the breeding of a unique St Rocco’s Rose which will be sold over the coming year.

Outstanding Contribution to Hospice Care

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks

Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks and its staff have raised more than £4.5 million for hospice care during the course of our eight year partnership.

The partnership has supported both Hospice UK and more than 100 hospices with colleagues giving more than 35,000 hours in volunteering time.

The banks are one of our most dedicated and longest standing partnerships and we are proud to work with them.

Anne Norfolk Lifetime Achievement Award 2015

Dr Stephen R Kirkham, Forest Holme Hospice Charity, Poole
Chair of Trustees

Dr Kirkham has made an enormous academic and clinical contribution to hospice and palliative care, locally, nationally and internationally. He has worked in palliative care since 1979 and helped found the journal ‘Palliative Medicine’ in 1987 – which is now the leading palliative journal in the field.

As well as being a founding member of the Editorial Board, Dr Kirkham was was editor from 1993 to 2002. Upon his retirement as Editor, Dame Cicely Saunders wrote to him ‘You have been an exceptional editor…'

Dr Kirkham established the palliative care service in Canterbury and was Medical Director at Pilgrims Hospice for 10 years. He then went to Poole and was lead clinician for 20 years, his vision leading to the establishment of Forest Holme Hospice, a service truly integrated with the hospital and community.

A hugely valued clinician by his patients – the wife of one of his former patients said:

“He treated us both with the utmost dignity, care, honesty, empathy, friendship and humour..”

Dr Kirkham remains committed to palliative care – he retired from clinical practice in 2012 – and took on the role of Chair of Trustees at Forest Holme Hospice Charity that year.

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