Hospice UK Retail Awards

The Hospice UK Retail Awards are a fantastic way to showcase and share the amazing work taking place across the UK in hospice retail. This year there are four awards to apply for.

Find out who won the 2018 Hospice UK Retail Awards - video

All hospice nominations must meet core eligibility criteria:

  • Entries and nominations are open to all members of Hospice UK, whether full or associate members;
  • Your nomination must relate to the 12 months up to December 2017

Please note that nominations have now closed - find out who won on 1 May.

Hospice Retail Team of the Year

This award aims to recognise the staff, including support staff and volunteers who have driven your hospice retail forward.

In your application you should outline:

  • Based on your 2016/17 annual accounts, show profitability increases (1 point);
  • Decrease in annual operating costs (1 point);
  • Increase in recruitment and retention of volunteers (1 point);
  • How you are attracting donations (1 point);
  • How you are reducing the amount sent for waste disposal (1 point);
  • Innovative practices which compliment existing retail income generation (5 points)

Hospice Specialist Retail Outlet of the Year

Hospice retail encompasses a variety of specialist outlets: wedding dresses, furniture, coffee shops for example. What makes yours stand out?

In your application you should outline:

  • Why the specialism was chosen, including location, stock and market research (2 points);
  • How the layout and décor of the store to compliment the specialism came about (2 points);
  • How the specialism has been marketed and any special events that have attracted custom (3 points);
  • What difference has the specialist store made to your hospice retail portfolio (3 points)

In order that smaller operations can enter, at least 70% of the floor space should be dedicated to the specialism.

Hospice Retail Volunteer of the Year

Hospice retail relies on an army of volunteers who give hours of their time to make sure that hospice shops remain open and thriving. Nominate a volunteer who exemplifies all that is good about volunteering.

Your nomination should cover:

  • Has made a measurable difference to the shop where they volunteer (4 points);
  • Has demonstrated the ethos of your hospice in the way they deliver service (4 points);
  • Has overcome special difficulties or circumstances in order to volunteer (2 points)

Most unusual item donated to a hospice shop

Donations come in all shapes and sizes. Have you got something 'special' sitting on a shelf that is unusual, unattractive or you just don't know what it is?

To enter please send a photograph of the item with a brief description to Elizabeth Palfreman by 22 March 2018 by 5pm

Announcement of winners

The awards will be announced and presented at the Hospice UK Retail Conference on 1 May. Winners will be featured in the UK edition of ehospice.

Previous Winners

For more information about the awards, please email Elizabeth Palfreman for further information.

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